There are hundreds of video conferencing tools out there, and there are more to come in the upcoming time. We all know about ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, and skype and the list goes on and on.

Also we all love zoom for its simple design and it is the most famous tool among all others. …

Hoisting in javascript

Now a days javascript is getting powerful and enormous in nature. There are so many frameworks available in javascript that some times we can also forget what’s new in javascript.

Put that aside and if we talk about basic javascript few things will never change and we have to understand those. So one concept among many in javascript is javascript hoisting.

I came across this when i was preparing for my job interview so what the heck is hoisting anyways? Well in simple plain english hoisting means uplifting something like uplifting a huge cement pipe like above pic, or uplifting…

async await in javascript
async await in javascript

A callback in javascript is a function we pass as an argument to any function to handle asynchronous behaviour of javascript. Best way to deal with asynchronous javascript. But then, as always any coin always has two sides,a dark and a bright (I mean heads and tails of course).

Callbacks are awesome but they look weird when there is so much of asynchronous code we have to write and we end up in callback hell. Which is not a good way to write code in javascript.

So then we introduce async/await in javascript and that solves everything. With promises we…


put a lot of console.log in your js code

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